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Styrofoam is manufactured as a foam, a continuous insulation board for buildings. It insulates walls, roofs as well as foundations as is a good thermal insulator and sound barrier. It is used in the interiors of all types of buildings as an insulator due to its ability to regulate room temperature, moisture and sound proofing.

Why Styrofoam is Popular in Kenya​

  1. Excellent insulation properties. It is characterized with high resistance to moisture absorption and water vapor transmission
  2. Resistance to attack by fungi, bacteria and pests after installation
  3. Sound proofing, Styrofoam offers resistance to impact sound
  4. Best insulator, polystyrene insulates against heat losses
  5. It has excellent compressive strength characteristics
  6. Easy to install as It has self-supporting properties
  7. It is light weight allowing for economy of structural design
  8. Ease to cutting and handling
  9. Non-irritant and non-allergic


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