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Refractory Materials

Refractory materials (refractories) are materials that have very high melting points and are also able to maintain structural properties at very high temperatures. They are Composed principally of ceramics, and are used in great quantities in the metallurgical, ceramics, and glassmaking industries. They are formed into a variety of shapes to line the interiors of furnaces, kilns, and other devices that process materials at high temperatures. Dense refractories are heavy with low porosity but high mechanical strength. Insulating refractories have a higher porosity making them less dense and with low thermal conductivity. This increases efficiency and reduces the amount of energy required for the process at hand. At Olinc Products and Equipments Limited we specialize in the supply of these refractory materials namely:
1. Firebricks (40%-70% Alumina firebricks)
2. Refractory Castable Cements (Foundu Cement, Maxheat K & Maxheat A)


Olinc Industrial Products & Equipments is one of the leading Companies in Acoustic and Thermal Insulation Sector in East Africa. We supply and market thermal and sound insulating materials within the Kenyan Market and across the borders. he most common insulation materials we continuously have in stock include Fibre Glass Wool Blankets, Rockwool (Mineral Wool) Blankets, Ceramic Fibre (Fiber) Blankets, Preformed Rockwoll (Mineral wool) pipes as well as both Fibreglass and Rockwool Batts (Slabs or rectangular blocks) of different measurements and thickness. ur team of qualified and experienced specialists under stringent in house quality control system executes projects in cladding and insulation applications in the following: Pipe insulations Tank insulations Boiler insulations Cold insulation for containers / silos Sound Proofing installation on studios, clubs, conference halls e.t.c. Fire Proof applications on walls, ceilings and floors.


Refrigeration is the process of removing heat from an enclosed space or substance there by lowering its temperature. Refrigeration is a critical technology used in industries such as food and beverage, Air conditioning and medicine.
At Olinc Industrial products and equipments we are the leading providers of all refrigeration components such as:

  • Armaflex Insulation Sheets
  • Armaflex Tubes
  •  Foam Tapes
  • Copper pipes
  • Freon (Refrigeration) gases
  • valves
  • Compressors
  •  Condensate pumps


At Olinc Industrial Chemicals & Equipments we specialize in the manufacture and distribution of wind turbine roof ventilators that are powered by wind to create a suction force that draws out air or fumes from the building. They are mainlt made of round metallic vents with fins on them capable of rotation event with just slow wind.

Industrial Chemicals

At Olinc we also specialize in the supply of Caustic soda (also known as sodium hydroxide, lye or naoh) is a solid white, pearl product with the formula “NaOH”. It is a highly caustic base and alkali product, and if in contact with the skin can cause severe burns. It is a versatile product that can be found in a variety of processes. Amongst other chemicals that we manufacture and supply include the following: - Oxalic Acid
- Ungerol
- Stearic Acid

Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulation prevents the transfer of heat and so reduces the energy required to raise temperatures and protects adjacent materials from heat damage. Since the dangers of using asbestos were identified, several alternatives have been developed for insulation in high temperature situations. The following are some of the features that critical in Insulating Products: Surface Emissivity Density Low Thermal Conductivity Thermal Bridging Thickness of Insulation Heat Capacity

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