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At Olinc Industrial Products & Equipment Limited, we are the leading dealer of genuine Vermiculite in Kenya  used in farming of horticultural products and in thermal insulation purposes.

Vermiculite in Kenya is a naturally occurring mineral that expands when heated. It is often used in various industries and applications due to its unique properties.


Specifications of vermiculite

  1. Formation and Composition: Vermiculite is a member of the phyllosilicate group of minerals. It is typically formed by the weathering or hydrothermal alteration of biotite or phlogopite minerals. The resulting mineral is soft, shiny, and laminar.
  2. Expanding Properties: One of the most distinctive features of vermiculite is its ability to expand when heated. This expansion is a result of the interlayer water vaporizing into steam. The expanded vermiculite has a worm-like or accordion-like structure.
  3. Uses in Horticulture: Expanded vermiculite is commonly used in horticulture as a soil conditioner and growing medium. It improves soil aeration, water retention, and nutrient availability. Vermiculite is often included in potting mixes to enhance the overall quality of the soil.
  4. Insulation Material: Vermiculite is also used as an insulation material, particularly in the construction industry. It is lightweight and has good thermal-insulating properties. Expanded vermiculite is often incorporated into products such as loose-fill insulation for attics.
  5. Fireproofing and Fire Resistance: Due to its ability to withstand high temperatures, vermiculite is used in fire-resistant coatings and materials. It can be added to building materials, such as gypsum board or concrete, to enhance their fire resistance, still used in pizza oven construction.
  6. Absorbent Material: Vermiculite is absorbent and can retain water and other liquids. This property makes it useful in spill containment and cleanup applications.
  7. Industrial Applications: In addition to the mentioned uses, vermiculite is employed in various industrial applications, such as in the production of brake linings, insulation for high-temperature equipment, and lightweight concrete.
  8. Non-Toxic and Inert: Vermiculite is generally non-toxic and chemically inert. It is considered safe for use in gardening and other applications.


Vermiculite in pizza oven
Vermiculite use in garden

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